Dominican Company disappeared with 10 million to build the Parliament building

Dominican Company disappeared with 10 million to build the Parliament building

Dominican Company took $10 million to build the Parliament building.

When in March 2012 then president Martelly visited the Dominican Republic, he was awarded the country's highest honor for a foreign Head of State, mainly for his effort to lure investment in the reconstruction of earthquake torn Haiti. However, according to an explosive March 31, 2012, report by star Dominican journalist Nuria Piera, Martelly as a candidate, president-elect, and president of Haiti, received bribe close to $2.6 million in over a dozen payments from a Dominican Senator named Félix Ramon Bautista. The payment came from the bank accounts of two Bautista-owned firms and in return, three Dominican companies, connected to Senator Bautista, received Haitian government contracts totaling $343.32 million. Senator Bautista Rosario was also the secretary of the ruling Dominican Liberation Party (PLD). Those contracts were: (1) Constructora Hadom (98% owned by Bautista) won the contract to rebuild Haiti's Parliament Building, destroyed in the Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake, for $33.77 million; (2) Constructora Rofi S.A. was awarded to build a new housing development at Fort National for $174.31 million; and (3) Construcciones y Diseños R.M.N. S.A., won $135.31 million contract to build another housing development in Bowen Field. A closed bid with three companies belonging to the same person is horrendous and when these deals finalized by the former Prime Minister Jean-Max Bellerive on November 8, 2010, became the target of an audit by the succeeding Prime Minister Garry Conille, he was forced to resign. Since receiving the advance of $10 million, there is no trace of Constructora Hadom. A recent spot investigation made by UCLPB concludes that it was a total waste of money as nothing has been done for the amount disbursed so far.

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