Nage Pou'w Soti by Rene Preval

Nage Pou'w Soti by Rene Preval

Here is a famous statement made by a Haitian President. Rene Preval, early at the beginning of his Presidential mendate made it cleat that the Haitian population should not rely on the government. This term "Nage Pou'w Soti" characterized his government. The Haitian statement "Nage Pou'w Soti" means swim to get out of the water; in another term, don't expect others to hand a hand to you to help you to get out

Not since Marie Antoinette's famous "Let them eat cake" quip has one sentence from a ruling head had the potential to so incense a nation for its seeming nonchalance to the plight of the people as the 2006 one from former President Rene Preval of "Nage Pou Soti." The Creole term that translates to "swim your way out" was meant to be something more like the American "sink or swim", but for a country that is largely surrounded by water, though few know how to swim and scores of those who try to flee in small boats end up drowned, it did not go over quite so well.

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