Canada interference in Haitian affairs

Canada interference in Haitian affairs

History of Canada interference in Haitian affairs.

On March 1, 2016, Concertation pour Haiti (Consensus for Haiti) asked Canada not to interfere in Haitian affairs. CPH (founded in 1994) is a grouping of civil society and individual members from Quebec that works to promote human rights and fundamental freedoms in Haiti. It reiterates its support for the Haitian population in crisis. In a note, the CPH has questioned on the involvement of the International Community in Haiti and has called for the respect of each country's national sovereignty. It has requested the Canadian government not to interfere in the ongoing electoral process. The Haitian population must be given the opportunity to determine their own affair without any external intervention. We might remember the initiatives taken by Canada, the U.S and France in 2004 which toppled the government of democratically elected President Aristide.

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