Jocelerme Privert in Arcahaie talking tough

Jocelerme Privert in Arcahaie talking tough

Here is Jocelerme Privert in Arcahaie during the celebration of the Haitian Flag.

On May 18, 2016, President Jocelerme Privert visited Arcahaie to attend the 213th anniversary of Haitian Flag. On Wednesday, the President arrived in the city of flag despite the threats from the supporters of the Tet Kale party who burned tires and blocked major arteries into the city of Arcahaie. There were reports that they would not allow President Privert to enter the city and participate in the traditional ceremony on that day. However, the events unfolded in a different way. The ceremony was celebrated without a hitch and the President was able to send a strong message to these partisans. He has said, there would be no election in the country until the verification commission sheds light on the happenings of October 25th election. Although he did not mention any name, it was easily understood that his prime target was Martelly's Parti Haitien Tet Kale (PHTK), because they are the only political party in Haiti opposed to a verification of the last elections; the election was conducted during Martelly's regime and he along with his supporters were accused of massive frauds.

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