What to do to Avoid Getting Kidnapped

What to do to Avoid Getting Kidnapped

Kidnapping in Haiti is rampant and anyone can be a victim. It is very profitable to the kidnappers as in general they have a small percentage of chance to be caught by authorities. as a result, the best way to deal about kidnapping in Haiti is to avoid being kidnapped if possible. the following is a list of things you can do to reduce your chance of being a victim of kidnapping:

Keep a simple lifestyle and a low profile.

Establish good security measures around your home and common environment.

Break out from routine. Vary your routes and timing of your movements.

Make sure that business, financial and travel activities are handled with the highest level of confidentiality.

Be alert of any suspicious and unusual behavior. if you feel the environment is uncomfortable, leave

Always inform family members, friends about where you are. Provide details to family, friends on appointment such as who you are meeting and for what purpose

Driving in the center lane of a road to makes it difficult for your car to be forced off the road.

Always map out your route well and explore all possible escape routes. Look out for cars or motorcycles that may be trailing you.

Go around an area twice to make sure of any suspicion of being trailed.

Make sure that you have adequate security measures in place for your children during school drop-off and pick-up time.

Make sure that the people who work in your home or provide personal security to your family such as domestic staff, House help, Drivers, gardener, Cooks are properly vetted before they are employed. Make sure they have sound character references and that they are well equipped to provide security in addition to their actual duties.

Instruct your children and utility services staff never to talk to strangers or open doors for people they don't know.

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