Kiosk Occide Jeanty

Kiosk Occide Jeanty turned into amphitheater

Kiosk Occide Jeanty turned into amphitheater

Will Champ de Mars in Port-au-Prince regain its cultural and artistic reputation of the old days? Whether or not it will, there has been some efforts made in that aspect and specially with the renovation works and expansion of the kiosk Occide Jeanty that has been upgraded into amphitheater.

Kiosk Occide Jeanty now an Amphitheater

Renovated and expanded, Kiosk Occide Jeanty was launched in early May. It has become an amphitheater, containing an esplanade, dressing rooms, VIP lounge, shopping venues, and restaurants.

Canadian money funded it at $3.8 million, and the Housing Construction and Public Buildings Unit was the contractor, and Haitian engineer Maurice Solomon its engineer.

KOJ is located in Champ de Mars, a cultural and arts center, and its eponymous name refers to noted musician Occide Jeanty.

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