Laurent Lamothe candidacy rejected due to discharge

Laurent Lamothe candidacy rejected due to discharge

The CEP ruled Lamothe lacked the required discharge document in order to run as a candidate in the next presidential election in Haiti

On June 3rd, the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has announced its decision to bar the presidential candidacy of the former Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe on the ground that he lacked required discharge which he was required to submit under the electoral law to affirm that that he did not misused any government funds. However, the fact is that Lamothe could not provide that 'discharge' due to a defunct parliament and President Martelly has announced that he would not grant discharges for anyone by decree. Lamothe has always maintained that he should be allowed to run without a discharge by the CSCCA, because independent auditors have cleared him of financial mismanagement. The decision of CEP appears to be unfairly discriminatory because there are other candidates like Lamothe, who were never called for to submit any 'discharge' (for example, Thierry Mayard-Paul, Duly Brutus and Mario Andersol), but were allowed to proceed for the contest.

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