Travelers from Ebola infected countries to Haiti

Travelers from Ebola infected countries to Haiti

The Haitian Government has spoken and taken some decisions to reduce the risk of Ebola epidemic to reach Haiti, A notice has been issued by Dr. Florence Guillaume, Minister of Public Health and Population (MSPP).

Travelers from Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone have been put on notice.

The Public Health Minister said nationals or visitors arriving from West African countries can enter Haiti within a 28-day period after they have left such countries.

Once reaching a Haitian port-of-call they must show a government-authorized health card, documenting they have had the mandatory blood test for Ebola.

Ministry of Health asks all ministries in touch with ports, airports, and borders for strict compliance to lessen the odds of contamination by Ebola in Haiti.

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Ebola not real, According to some in Ghana and Red Cross is responsible

Ebola not real, According to some in Ghana and Red Cross is responsible

Here is a picture that was originally posted on the website According to information obtained there, some public advocacy group are conducting a campaign to inform the public that here are nothing real about ebola.

They want to make sure that people in the west understands that the Ebola virus does not exist and spread as the media wants us to believe. It is a man made disease brought to Africa by the Red Cross. They also stated they remarked that only the people who have been injected by some substance from the Red Cross.

The article went on to say that some of thos countries include: Liberians and Nigerians

Pawol Pale, Pawil Kompran

Roy, tande yon koze!

Mezanmi gade yon group moun ki pran pou yo denonce La Croix Rouj. Moun sa yo di ke se La Croix Rouj ki pote maladi sa kape touye moun nan payi Afrikin yo tankou Nigerya et Ghana et Liberya.

Min moun sa yo di yo remake depi Moun La Croix Rouj sa yo fini injekte yon bagay nan kor mou yo yo tombe malad

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