Marie-Louise Coidavid, wife of Henri Christophe

Marie-Louise Coidavid, wife of Henri Christophe

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Marie-Louise (May 8, 1778 - 1851), the wife of Henry Chrystophe was born into a free black family. Her father was a hotel owner. She was married to Henry in 1798. In 1811, when the kingdom of Haiti was created, Marie-Louise was given the title of "Queen", and she took that responsibility seriously. In 1820, when Henry committed suicide as he could not face a military rebellion with his paralyzed body caused by a stroke, Marie-Louise, his widow, was allowed to leave Haiti with her two daughters. After the death of her husband, Marie remained in the palace with her daughters until Henry's followers escorted them out of the palace with the corpse of her husband. Henry's successor Jean-Pierre Boyer offered her help and protection, but she refused. They travelled to London (there was a rumor that her husband left three million money deposited somewhere in Europe) and then moved to Pisa where they found the climate more salubrious. However, both of her daughters were sick and died prematurely. After their death, she wrote to Boyer, requesting permission for returning to homeland. But Boyer heartlessly ignored her and in 1851, she died alone in exile.

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