Lamothe in Little Haiti to cry

Lamothe in Little Haiti to cry "injustice" by BCED

Here is a picture taken on June 8th 2015 during a Press Conference at The Little Haïti Cultural Center where candidate, Laurent Lamothe, held a town hall to inform the Haitian Diaspora in Miami about the "injustice" that the Departmental Bureau of Electoral Disputes (BCED) did to him.

Recently on June 8, 2015, one of the presumptive presidential candidates, Laurent Lamothe during a Press Conference in the town hall at Little Haïti Cultural Center has told the Haitian diaspora about how he became a victim of the Departmental Bureau of Electoral Disputes (BCED)'s injustice and expelled discriminatorily from the presidential run because he could not produce a 'certificate de décharge'. He has urged the Haitians living abroad to play a greater active role in reshaping the developments of the country with their influences on political, social and economic fronts. During the meeting, he has advocated for their rights to vote in the next election. According to him, Haitian diaspora contribute for about $2 billion per year, which is very significant for the Haitian economy. It would be a great injustice if we welcome their money, but not their knowledge, their expertise and their will and their right to be significantly involved in the political life in their country,

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