Little Haiti residents protest gentrification of Little Haiti

Little Haiti residents protest gentrification of Little Haiti

Here is a piocture where Little Haiti residents are protesting gentrification of Little Haiti.

Gentrification is threatening to destroy the Little Haiti community. When wealthy people move into a neighborhood, they not only change the price of the place, they displace the poor people, and also change the culture of the place. The representatives from the Haitian Lawyers Association have told the longtime residents, business and property owners of Little Haiti remain watchful. Not to agree on verbal conversations, never to make any agreement without the presence of own lawyer. On December 3rd, the inhabitants of Little Haiti gathered in Miami's Little Haiti neighborhood to deliver messages about the rapidly changing neighborhood and its preservation: "Say no to gentrification, Little Haiti is not for sale, we want to stay." The residents and owners of Little Haiti does not want to follow the footsteps of the Wynwood Art District which was once a home of over 70 galleries and museums and was a haven for local artists in the early 2000s, However, the sudden surge in the real estate price, gentrification and higher rent forced many artists and gallery owners of Wynwood to migrate to some other nearby affordable locations.

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