Haitian among the protesters caught with Machete

Haitian among the protesters caught with Machete

Here is a Haitian caught by the police during a protest against the election results.

Most Haitians and opposition parties are of opinion that the presidential election of October 25th and its published result are a sure mark of treachery committed by the outgoing President Martelly and his men. Regular protest against this "electoral coup d'état" on the streets has become a regular affair. On one of such similar demonstrations of protest on November 20th, a gang of about 20 hooded men in a white pickup (license plate number 1-00692) armed with machetes, hammers, pipes and guns, attacked the marchers of several opposition parties in the Delmas 95 district. The police present on the spot turned a blind eye. A young man was shot dead and one marcher was wounded in the head by a machete. The Haitian police have arrested a demonstrator with machetes at the end of a march in Port-au-Prince.

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