How a day of protest starts in Haiti

How a day of protest starts in Haiti

Have you ever wondered why people in Haiti start their protest march the way they do?

'Damballah' is one of the most important of all the loa, the father of all the rest of the loa and the oldest of the voodoo pantheon existing from the beginning of time. It is the 'great master', creator of life that rules mind, wisdom and cosmic equilibrium and often called the most important god of the voodoo. Voodoo is the predominant religion of Haiti. The spirits are central to the practice of voodoo. This religion is a mixture of religions from Africa and Catholicism. Many Christian beliefs, traditions and figures have been incorporated into voodoo. 'Damballah' is the source of peace and tranquility. In Haiti, Damballah is known to be a very wise and pure lwa (or Loa, the spirits of Haitian Voodoo). Ayida-Weddo, the rainbow, is the wife, perfect mate and regular companion of Damballah. 'Their combined presence has the ability to calm the crowds, relax the senses and bring positive changes. 'Damballah Wedo', is represented by a snake or serpent; when it possesses a human, the person cannot speak but only hisses and whistles.

Damballa is protective, wise, benevolent and loving. Aida-Wedo, the Lwa of rainbows, or the rainbow serpent is the symbol of integration. In Haiti, protest usually begins with Damballah Wedo' symbol. Firstly, someone from the protesting crowd draws the voodoo symbol of "Damballah-Wedo" in the middle of the street, then a campfire is set at the center of the sign and the protesters participate in song while turning around the fire. Damballah with superhuman power possess the ability to tap and manipulate certain occult energies; can bestow power to his mortal followers.

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