Maurice A SIXTO a real anti-corruption

Maurice A SIXTO a real anti-corruption

Maurice Sixto is well known as the eliminator of 'Restavèk' system in Haiti. He also played an efffective role against corruption in all forms in Haiti. A non-profit organization named 'Maurice Sixto Foundation A' has been formed to work for the improvement in the field of education, culture and human rights, raise awareness about "Restavèk" system in Haiti and work in favor of restoring rights to the children in Haiti on the recommendations based by ISPCAN or International Society for Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect. FMAS won international accolade in February this year, making its country a winner out of twenty five countries around the world in respect of working for the well beings of women, especially children. This distinction allowed FMAS to win prestigious "Award Honorary Membership" of ISPICAN.

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