Jhonson Napoleon, president of Azure College

Jhonson Napoleon, president of Azure College

Here is a picture of Mr. Jhonson Napoleon, president of Azure College, a South Florida college.

Azure College, one of the fastest growing Private-Sector College in South Florida, offers health science degree programs. During the first week of September, the college has been relocated to a new location in Miami Gardens, Florida. The relocation has been made on the graduation day of over 200 Registered Nursing and Practicing Nursing graduates. While inaugurating, Jhonson Napoleon, the President of Azure College, along with his wife and Vice President Betsy Napoleon said, the new location is a lot more than a new home and better accessibility; it has given the institution a new identity. We might remember that, during the last year, Mr. Napoleon filed a lawsuit against 'CareerSource' of South Florida, because that institution failed to reimburse him $204,950 worth of incurred expenses for opening two career centers for refugees in Hialeah and Little Haiti. On December 2012, Roderick Rick Beasley, the executive director of CareerSource and Napoleon signed a contract to open two career centers in Little Haiti and Hialeah on lease at a lease cost of over $300,000 to help Cuban and Haitian refugees find stable livelihood. However, the Beasley's agency never reimbursed him any amount above $200,000 until the contract expired in March 2013.

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