Military Engineer

Haiti Corps of Military engineers demand to secure the country

Haiti Corps of Military engineers demand to secure the country

Here is a picture of some Soldiers of Haiti Corps of Military engineers as their demand to secure the country.

On September 3, 2015, within the bilateral framework between Haiti and Ecuador, 40 new Haitian soldiers of engineering body were graduated under an eight months training program that started back on January 12, 2015. A Military Engineer is usually responsible for building, maintaining, controlling and sometimes destroying structures and vehicles used for military operations. They remain responsible for maintaining lines of military transport and communications and as one of the oldest form of engineering, it is also regarded as the precursor of the civil engineering discipline. The graduation ceremony was organized at the Training School of Ecuadorian Army soldiers (Escuela de Formación de Soldados del Ejército) at the Champ de Mars located at the northern exit of Ambato, the third city at the south of Ecuadorian capital Quito, in the presence of the Brigadier General, Edison Narváez Rosero, the Commander of the Command of Education and Doctrine of the Army (CEDE). The support of Ecuador to the establishment of a defense force in Haiti was decided during a meeting between the former Haitian President Martelly and his counterpart Rafael Correa while the Haitian President was on an one day official tour in Ecuadorian capital Quito in November 2014.

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