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Senator Ronald Lareche, born in Mont Organise

Senator Ronald Lareche, born in  Mont Organise

Here is a picture of Lawyer, Ex-Members riding Mont-organized Capotille, leader of the political organization "Inisyativ Peyizan nodes, Ronald Lareche.

Ronald Larèche is a divorcee, presently lives in a common-law with his wife Fernande Pierre, with whom he gave birth to four children. Larèche completed his primary education at the Dominic Savio School in Mont-organized and pursued his classical studies in 1991 at the Adventist College of Cape Haitien (CACH). He joined the National Police of Haiti (PNH) in November 1995 as supervisor of the police station of Mont-organized, and later promoted to the post of inspector, but he resigned in 2005 to become a candidate for deputy to the Mont-Organized / Capotille district. Larèche holds a degree in Legal Sciences from the Faculty of Law of Cap-Haitien (2003), completed a course at the Cap-Haitien Bar Association between 2003 and 2005 and a Master degree holder in Project Management from the University Quisqueya (2009).

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Senator Ronald Lareche in Mont-Organise

Senator Ronald Lareche in  Mont-Organise

Here is Senator Ronald Lareche in Mont Organise. He joined Haitian national Police (PNH) in 1995 and later became the Supervisor of Police in his hometown in Mont Organise. He was agent 2.

On Wednesday, July 20, 2016, the former vice president of the Senate, Ronald Larèche has been elected the president of the Senate replacing the current interim president Jocelerme Privert. Mr. Ronald Larèche (born on November 21, 1971 in Mont-Organizes), the former Senator of the North East, by profession is a lawyer and a member of the Parliamentary Group of the Renewal (GPR) Commissions and member of several high profile committees such as, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Worship and Haitians living abroad, Committee on Interior and Local government, Decentralization and Border Development. He is also a member of the Commission for Justice and Public Safety. Now, the new Bureau is thus composed of Ronald Larèche (President), I. Steven Benoit (vice president), Junior Jean Marie Solomon (First Secretary), Lucas François St-Vil (Second Secretary) and Fritz Carlos Lebon (Quaestor, in charge of public revenue and expenditure). Ronald Larèche has been active in politics since 1985.

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