Sister Dona found innocent after 42 months in prison

Sister Dona found innocent after 42 months in prison

Here is a picture of Sister Dona. She was found innocent after 42 months in prison.

On December 17, 2015, Dieudonne Pierre Bélizaire, better known as Sister Dona, founder of the orphanage of 'Sisters Redemptive of Nazareth", has been cleared of kidnapping charges in a criminal court in Port-au-Prince, and was released immediately. Sister Dona was in the Civil Prison of Petion-ville since 21 June 2012 in connection with the kidnapping of a child named 'Raphaël Chenet' from her orphanage, a crime which she vehemently denied from the beginning. During the crime, as per report, she was not even in Haiti. As per Kenscoff Peace Court records, Djimmy Mémé, one employee of the orphanage, had confessed the crime on July 18, 2011; he took $2,000 from a couple (Péguy Blanc and Christine) who wanted to adopt Raphaël Chenet. Djimmy picked up the child from the orphanage and handed the child to Péguy Blanc. Most of these facts were confirmed by Djimmy's cell phone records and were noted in the Registry records of the Kenscoff Peace Court. However, Djimmy Mémé, the main criminal of the crime despite his confessions and facts, was released by the Substitute Commissioner of the Government, Rodriguez for unknown reasons.

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Mother Mary Lange likely to become First Black Saint

Mother Mary Lange likely to become  First Black Saint

Haitian-born, Mother Mary, Oblate Sisters of Providence founder, has entered the final phase of canonization as the first black female saint.

Mother Mary died in 1882 after a lifetime of service to African-American children. She established a private school for them and the first black order, the Oblate Sisters.

Her remains have been placed in the Motherhouse in Baltimore.

What remains for canonization is a Positio, enumerating her works for God, and proof of two miracles in her life.

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