Andre Michel Vs Rudy Heriveaux on Ranmase

Andre Michel Vs Rudy Heriveaux on Ranmase

Here are Andre Michel and Rudy Heriveaux on Ranmase. On Saturday, October 26, 2015 these two were really agitated.

André Michel is a lawyer, a member of the Bar of Port-au-Prince (Haiti), an international defender and Professor of Human Rights at the University. Because of his dedicated social commitment, he has been a constant subject of threats and political intimidation by the established authorities. On September 25th, he has announced that he is walking out of the electoral race because he believes, the Provisional Electoral Council does not have the credibility to hold elections in Haiti. Recently, on September 26, there was a political firefight on Haitian radio Ranmase (most popular political talk show, a CNN version of Crossfire) between André Michel and the Minister of Communication Rudy Heriveaux. The debate between them crossed the limits of all civilized manner because, after one point of time, they were incapable to structure their arguments. All expected decency from two intellectual politicians were out of the window and the radio show was turned into a mud bath.

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