Telemedicine or medecine via web cam in Haiti

Telemedicine or medecine via web cam in Haiti

Here is a picture that you might want to start getting familiar with if you are living in Haiti. Telemedicine or medecine via web cam has been introduced in Haiti that provides doctors at a Haiti hospital with access to around-the-clock medical support.

New Videoconferencing Program trains Haitian Doctors in Trauma and Intensive Care Treatment

The University of Miami (UM) Miller School of Medicine is helping trauma room doctors in Haiti treat patients, who are suffering from many types of critical injuries and conditions. UM has begun a telemedicine service that offers 24-hour medical support via instant video communication. The videoconferencing is a cost-effective method, needing only a laptop with a webcam. The service, which began in December of 2014, has UM trauma specialists interact with emergency room (EM) doctors, working in the trauma and critical section of Port-au-Prince's Bervard Mevs Hospital.

Haiti's healthcare infrastructure is underdeveloped, and only made worse by 2010's earthquake, which it has not yet recovered from. Haitian doctors don't receive sufficient training in trauma treatment, and supplies can be difficult to obtain.

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