Wencesclass Lambert

Senator Lambert Wencesclass assault on Daniel Theodore

Senator Lambert Wencesclass assault on Daniel Theodore

Here is a picture of Senator Lambert Wencesclass.

On March 9, 2014, in a meeting between the Senator and members of MORACS in Coral Soult in Sud-Est, Haiti, near Marigot, Senator Lambert Wencesclass attacked a young student activist named Daniel Theodore. His two punches on the mouth caused him injury and loss of two teeth because the student called the declaration by Lambert, the Chairman of the Senate Foreign Affairs Committee a lie. The senator had admitted his attack and justified his act because the student had said whatever Lambert had mentioned in his statement was not true. He had further added, Haiti is the only country where people don't respect the elected representatives. It is not he who should apologize; it is the citizen who must offer him an apology.

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