Dr. Rony Gilot, Secretaire Adjoint of the national palace

Dr. Rony Gilot, Secretaire Adjoint of the national palace

Here is a picture of Dr. Rony Gilot who became Secretaire Adjoint of the national palace.

Dr. Rony Gilot, a veteran politician and author, has been chosen as the Secretaire Adjoint of the National Palace. Dr. Gilot was once the Information Minister of Baby Doc Duvalier and used to maintain regular communication with Baby Doc when the junior Duvalier was in exile in Paris. He has written a biography of the Papa Doc Duvalier titled "The Misunderstood". Gilot is sympathetic and partially supports the autocratic rules of the Duvalier era, because he believes that it was in some ways, were similar to the postwar German and Italian rules, necessary to make a nation disciplined. His latest book released in 2012 was titled as "In Grateful Memory of Jean-Claude Duvalier or Luck Overused". He has also written a book on the former Haitian Prime Minister Garry Conille titled as "At the Option of the Memory ΜΆ Garry Conille or the Passage of a Meteor."

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