Did Max Beauvoir reveal the secrets of zombie powder?

Did Max Beauvoir reveal the secrets of zombie powder?

Max Beauvoir has been credited for educating the public about the religion of voodoo. One of his accomplishment was to address the issue of Zonbification in the Voodoo religion.

The majority of Haitians believe in the magical power of Voodoo. Western scientists have problem understanding the power of apparent resurrection of a human after death.

Max Gesner Beauvoir, the supreme leader (Ati) in Haitian Voodoo had worked to educate people about the misunderstood voodoo faith. He was the head of 6,000 Haitian witch doctors and was said to have "bewitched" former president Bill Clinton when they had a chance meeting in 1975. His horror fans remember him sharing the secrets of Zombie Powder with Harvard professor Wade Davis, the author of the best-selling novel on "Serpent and the Rainbow", a book on Haitian Voodoo and the process of making zombies. Beauvoir, introduced Davis to a shaman named Marcel Pierre who was died 18 years ago; Pierre returned to life and gave up recipe to a zombie powder which had the power to bring the dead back to life. The book reignited a lot of discussion about zombies and it made real waves in the Euro-American society.

Do you believe in resurrection and Zonbification of people in the voodoo religion?

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