RE: U.S. Marines in Fort Liberte in 1916

Neg Miserne - October 15 2014, 7:17 AM

The occupation did not ended in 1934. It was replaced by the mulatre until Papa Doc came to power.

The US came to bring the mulatre to power, just like they in 1994 when they used Aristide, our most intelligent and most educated of them all.
Now, who are in power in Haiti.

Well, as you can see, the flag is blue and red. Anytime, you see this flag in haiti, any haitian with limit common sense should know, that mulatre are in control.

This flag only there to let you know, that the founding father of haiti was not J.J. Dessaline but Petion.

As you can see even the most intelligent and educated ( Aristide)among us accepted as a fact

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U.S. Marines in Fort Liberte in 1916

Here is a picture of United States Marines during the occupation of Haiti in 1916. This picture was taken during a...

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