Jean Henry Céant deposited documents in Parliament for ratification

Jean Henry Céant deposited documents in Parliament for ratification

Prime Minister appointed, Jean Henry Céant, deposited his documents in Parliament in accordance with Article 157 of the 1987 Constitution amandée, to facilitate the ratification of his policy.

On Friday, August 10, 2018, the new Haitian Prime Minister Jean-Henry Céant, submitted over 20 requisite documents in the parliament before the MPs and Senators to verify his eligibility for his new coveted appointment as the Prime Minister. The document Céant submitted to the Senate and the Chamber of Deputies, include 13 passport booklets, his marriage certificate, birth certificate and those of his parents and grandparents, his certificate of nationality, and the copy of presidential decree appointing him as the Prime Minister. The submission was done in accordance with the Article 157 of the 1987 constitution amended to facilitate the ratification of his policy.

During the submission, he was accompanied by Guerdy Lissade and his brother Harry Céant. Céant announced that his ministerial cabinet has been formed. Those who have been selected in the cabinet will submit their documents for verification in due course of time. The Vice-President of the Senate, who received the originals of Jean-Henry Céant's documents, announced that a commission will be formed to analyze the conformity of these documents with the constitution and laws of the Republic of Haiti.

It was almost noon when Céant reached the Senate aboard a white Land Cruiser He was in a blue suit, a navy blue tie with purple stripes, a serene face escorted by his bodyguards. He was received by the vice president of the senate. In his selection as the prime Minister, he had two other contenders-- Bernard Gousse and Jean Max Bellerive.

However, when he attended the parliament as the new Prime Minister on Tuesday, September 4, 2018,, the senate got defensive, and demanded, a month has gone by already and there is no official list of ministers who will join Prime Minister Ceant's cabinet so that parliament can analyze them.

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