Partial list of privileges enjoyed by Government officials in Haiti

Partial list of privileges enjoyed by Government officials in Haiti

Haitian Government very generous toward his public servants, not his citizens

Do you know that each Haitian Senator costs Haitian Tax payers: $2,000,000.00 US a year, There are 30 Senator's seats for $60,000,000.00 a year.

The official residence for the Senate Speaker at Thomassin 25, costs the tax payers about $112,500.00 US annually in rent.

Did you know that each Haitian Deputy costs the Government $500,000 US a year. There are 119 deputies for $59,500,000

The residence occupied by the director general of the PNH cost the Haitian State about $96,000 US dollars a year.

The government under the Office of the Prime Minister is composed of the Prime Minister and several Cabinet Ministers. The Prime Minister has an official residence paid by the tax payers. amount unknown. Each minister receives $5,000.00 US monthly for a second residence or $60,000.00 a year. There are 20 Ministers for $1,200,000.00

A news in July recently ignited the social networks that the official residence of Senate Speaker Joseph Lambert at Thomassin 25, is costing 7.2 million gourdes (7,280,000 gourdes) annually. According to Senator Ricard Pierre, Joseph Lambert has paid the rent of his official residence, a sum of about 8 million gourdes for a year. These millions have been taken from the pockets of the poor Haitian citizens through the Senate budget. In response, Senate Speaker Joseph Lambert summoned accredited journalists to Parliament on July 16, 2018 and explained, if the Republic pays for an official residence for the head of state, an official residence for the prime minister, even the chief of police has an official residence, why not one for the president of the National Assembly, who is the second personage of the Republic. Is it not a matter of prestige?"

He justified his statement with a reference by reading the minutes of the Conference of Presidents held on Monday, March 5, 2018. This recording of the minutes was proposed by Artibonite's Carl Murat Cantave in the conference of presidents. Cantave had proposed that the Senate of the Republic should pay for an official residence for its president. His proposal was seconded for validation by Senators "Denis Cadeau, Onondieu Louis, Nawoon Marcellus, Jean Renel Sénatus, Ronald Lareche, Dieudonne Luma Etienne, Richard Lenine Herve Fourcand, Jacques Sauveur Jean, Yurt Latortue, Gracia Delva, Jean Rigaud Belizaire, Jean Marie Ralph Fethiere, Kedlaire Augustin, Saurel Jacinthe and Joseph Lambert. According to Joseph Lambert, these senators unanimously "approved and instructed the office for necessary follow-up". During that conference, Senator Cantave also proposed that the Senate Speaker should have his own procession involving vanguard and rearguard and be preceded by two motorcycles mounted by police officers in uniform. However, Joseph Lambert dismissed that for fear of criticisms.

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