Commissioner Frantz Pierre indicted for accepting bribes

Commissioner Frantz Pierre indicted for accepting bribes

North Miami Beach Commissioner Frantz Pierre facing bribery charges after allegedly accepting more than $20,000 from the owner of Dean's Gold Strip Club in exchange for voting for a special operating license for the club that would allow them to serve alcohol after-hours.

Commissioner Frantz Pierre (53), the North Miami Beach Commissioner has been accused of bribery charges. The police have arrested him for receiving over $20,000 bribe from Dean Tyler in exchange for voting in favor of a special operating license for the North Miami Beach Dean's Gold Strip Club, allowing the club to serve alcohol after-hours between December 2013 and 2014. It is a great shock to the public to learn that someone they elected is so greedy and dishonest. He used their trust in a way to put money into his own pocket. As per prosecutor's report, Tyler funneled $12,500 directly to Pierre and then $9,865 through a charity called Community Hope for Families and Children in Need, a nonprofit organization run by a woman named Jacqueline Alexi that feed 92 children at Oak Grove Elementary School. Alexis wrote checks to Pierre totaling $5,250.The charges against him include unlawful compensation, organized scheme to defraud and grand theft plus seven counts of money laundering. Pierre was previously removed from office for not attending meetings for six months but later was reinstated.

Investigator report says, Pierre texted Dean Tyler an urgent message: He had been in a car wreck and needed a $7,000 loan, quickly. When told the check was in the mail, Frantz texted back, saying, "Thank you so much. That will not be forgotten." He also received three other checks totaling $5,500.

Corruption is evident in the entire North Miami Beach administration. It would not be fair to blame Pierre alone. The city's past two mayors -- Myron Rosner and George Vallejo faced criminal charges. Vallejo has admitted that the Dezer family, one of the most powerful clan of land developers in the town used to pay regularly Vallejo's wife for years and that Vallejo created multiple shell companies to hide the money.

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