Lencie Mirville, victim of kidnapping in Haiti

Lencie Mirville, victim of kidnapping in Haiti

Here is a picture of Lencie Mirville, victim of kidnapping in Haiti. She was tortured, killed after her family had managed to collect a $50,000 Ransom from family and friends and deliver to the kidnappers

Lencie S. Mirville (23-year old), a student of the University Quisqueya was brutally killed by some kidnappers. Her dead body was found on December 8th, disfigured and wrapped in a sheet at the bottom of a cliff in a gully in Morne Karaté, near the road of L'amitié (Southeast). The young student was kidnapped on December 3rd in Bizoton 51. Her father is the owner of Bureau de change located in Carrefour. The kidnappers claimed $150,000 from him as ransom. However, her family managed to collect and pay only $50,000. Lencie was tortured, and then killed after the funds were delivered. As per latest news (December 21), the police (PNH) have arrested 4 individuals involved in the case of the kidnapping and murder of Lencie Mirville. One of them is an employee (mechanic) of the victim's father. They are St Jean Mayson aka "Sonson" or "Lapoula", William B. Geraldy, Edyson Barthélemy "Big" and Guerrier Jean Francky. They have past criminal records in the police book and have confessed their crime.

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