Smuggling at the border with the Dominican Republic

Smuggling at the border with the Dominican Republic

Here is a picture of the usual activities that take place regularly on the border between Haiti and the Dominican Republic where many smuggling operations take place

As per news report dated July 1, 2015, Carl-Frédéric Madsen, the President of the Association of the Industries of Haiti (ADIH) has expressed his deep concern about the rising smuggling activities in the border area with the Dominican Republic and also in the provincial ports and the capital city. Smuggled merchandises create unfair competition and threaten the existence of the local Haitian traders and manufacturers by pushing them towards bankruptcy. Such act of smuggling is further weakening the national security through illicit goods and curbing the state revenue by $300 million, every year. ADIH has urged the state to take immediate actions to eliminate this scourge as it is threatening our national economy. The fight against smuggling will encourage our local businessmen and create many new investment opportunities. ADIH is ready to extend their unconditional support in this movement.

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