Haiti Reception centers for Returnees from Dominican Republic

Nestor P Mateo - June 19 2015, 8:53 PM

This is unbelievable!
The government knew that this would happen long, long time ago. Now we are trapped, with so many people going back, some empty handed, to encounter basically nothing back in their country.

I don't want to blame anybody.

I just want to call upon everyone interested in helping the Haitian people getting out of this misery.

There is a lot to do. We have tremendous potentials for development with the participation of the people that are been deported and those that are in the areas designated for them the live back in the homeland.

There are productive project that, unfortunately, were not launched before, but that can be now. Project that could start giving results in maters of one to three months, if we really wanted too.

We can make Haiti be the Promised Land for the Haitian being deported and for those in severe need of prosperity back in the country.

I am opened for suggestions, questions, ideas, proposals, etc.

Anyone interested can reach me via this media or write me at:
" [at]"

There is hope for Haiti, but we must do it right.

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Haiti Reception centers for Returnees from Dominican Republic

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