Judge Lamarre Belizaire and Jean Bertrand Aristide

Judge Lamarre Belizaire and Jean Bertrand Aristide

As this picture illustrates here, it seems that Former Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide is making Judge Lamarre Belizaire having a double vision. Others will say that he is obsessed with the Haitian Leader.

Within the past two Months, the Judge has issued a total of 5 Court Orders in an attempt to bring the Lavalas leader to Court to respond to some heavy accusations against him. However, all these Court Orders have not been able to be executed

Finally, I would recommend the Judge himself carry his orders by going to the home of Jean Bertrand Aristide and take him to jail

Police Chief Orelus refuses to deliver Aristide to Judge Belizaire despite Warnings

Judge Belizaire has issued an extraction order to Police Chief Orelus to take ex-President Aristide to Belizaire's office. Aristide is already under house arrest.

Belizaire warned Orelus he would take legal action against Orelus if he didn't comply with the extraction order, the same threat he made last month to Orelus about not issuing an arrest warrant.

Aristide is alleged to have been involved in money laundering, drug trafficking, and embezzlement of hundreds of millions during his presidency.

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