Adolphe Take Out Restaurant

Adolphe Take Out Restaurant

A visit was made to Adolphe Take Out Restaurant on August 9, 2014 to evaluate the quality of the services provided to the Haitian community in the Little Haiti area. The place is located in a shopping area popularly frequented by many Haitians. This restaurant is one of the tree major restaurants in the area specialized in Haitian food. The other two are: The Bakery Café Restaurant and Park Supermarket - Creole Cuisine.

Parking was not a problem when I came in. I was able to park easily in front of the restaurant. However, that is not usually the case, specially on Saturdays when many people come to the area to shop. As I entered the restaurant, I did not feel very welcomed. The type of smile and courtesy you expect in entering a restaurant was not there. The staff who was present would not initiate any conversation with me. It feels like I was more of a nuisance to them when I arrived.

The place looks relatively clean. I did not notice any hazardous materials neither

I proceed to request what they have available and with an attitude that seems to be against themselves they helped. When I asked if they have a business card to order in the future, they did not have anything like that available. It was not long for me to understand that the people working at the restaurant don't know anything about customer services. They did not seem to care either.

According to other people in the area, Adolphe Take Out restaurant has been in business for a while. It seems to me that the reason it has been able to remain in business is their price. They are also a wholesaler in the food business.

I would not refer someone to Adolphe Take Out restaurant because of their lack of customer skill. The only way I would come to eat at the restaurant is if there is nothing else available in the area

Adolphe Take Out Restaurant in Little Haiti
Address: 215 Ne 82 Street, Miami, FL 33138

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