Are Jean Charles Moise & Jovenel Moise related?

Are Jean Charles Moise & Jovenel Moise related?

The question outthere is whether or not two very influential Haiian politicians are in fact related. The individuals in question are Jean Charles Moise and Jovenel Moise. They are both candidates for the presidency of Haiti in the general election in 2015 and 2016.

The suspicion became even greater when in May, 2016 the General manager of OPL, Sauveur Pierre Etienne who was also a candidate during the election declared that the two Jean Charles Moise was in fact have family links and that they were cousins. However, it did not take long for Moise Jean Charles to put out a statement to bring some clarification. He stated that he was not related to Jovenel Moise

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