Beyonce wearing Haitian designer Stella Jean creations

Beyonce wearing Haitian designer Stella Jean creations

Here is a picture of the the superstar Beyonce wearing a $302 Multi Euprotto Skirt with a $229 Oversized T-Shirt. In addition, she has a $639 floral embellished leather sandals. All designed by Haitian designer Stella Jean.

High-fashion pop star Beyonce has given the nod to Italian-Haitian designer Stella Jean by sporting two of her creations in public just days apart.

On one occasion Beyonce chose an Abuelo-style out-sized t-shirt she paired with a skirt imprinted with a tropical fruit pattern. She added a pair of Stella Jean leather sandals with a floral design.

Stella Jean's casual design styles reflect the meeting of her Haitian and Italian heritage.

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