Caraibes by Night, Ladouceur Mejuste

Caraibes by Night, Ladouceur Mejuste

Here is a picture of Ladouceur Mejuste, Caraibes by Night.

Radio Haiti (later renamed to Radio Haiti-Inter) was the first independent radio station (1935) in Haiti. With the emergence of broadcasting media during the 1930s, many other radio stations which are still well known today were also created. Some of their names include: Radio Haiti (1935), Radio Caraïbes (1949), Radio Voix du Nord (1945), Radio Citadelle (1950), Radio Indépendance and Voix Évangélique. On October 12, 1977, by a decree issued during the regime of Jean Claude Duvalier, a controlling and regulatory body (National Council of Telecommunications or CONATEL) was created. Radios are a major part of Haitian Culture, about 97% of the population own a radio set and at least there are over 300 radio stations are believed to be operational. Attacks and threats are nothing new to the Haitian radio stations. In recent past, two journalists of Radio Haiti Inter (Jean Dominique, Jean-Claude Louissaint) were killed at the radio station on April 3, 2000. They were well known for their political commentary and investigative reporting. Maxime Seide, Dominique's bodyguard was killed on the previous Christmas day. Radio Haiti is one of the first stations to broadcast in Creole language rather than in French. Recently, Radio Télé Kiskeya was a target of gun attack and its two senior reporters, Liliane Pierre-Paul and Monard Metellus earned ire of the former President Martelly.

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