CEP to maintain electoral calendar of three cycles

CEP to maintain electoral calendar of three cycles

The CEP has decided to go against the advises of U.S. Special Adviser to Haiti at the State Department, Thomas Adams and organize three cycles for the up coming election. The electoral calendar will not be modified

Thomas Adams, the Special Adviser to the US State Department for Haiti believes if Haiti holds the upcoming election in two cycles instead of three, the country may save around $30 million, and moreover, it will give enough time to the Electoral Council to prepare properly for the forthcoming election. However, the Haitian Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) thinks otherwise. Recently, Pierre Louis Opont, the President of the CEP along with six other councilors, during a press conference has provided an update on the financial, technical and logistical aspects of the ensuing electoral process and they have reaffirmed the earlier announced election calendar. Me. Opont has said that the total cost of holding elections for three days is about US$62 million. So how a reduction by one cycle could save $30 million as per Thomas Adams's calculation?

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