Complete results of the classification of hotels in Haiti, 2014

Complete results of the classification of hotels in Haiti, 2014

Here is a list of Hotels classified by the Minister of Tourism in Haiti for 2014.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Industries (MTCI) has decided to publish the complete results of the classification of hotels in Haiti in order to inform the traveling public of the quality of the services to expect before booking

As of November 1, the Ministry of Tourism has delivered scutcheons to classified hotels, including the 5 which have earned 5-hibiscus status. These include Haiti El Rancho, Best Western Premier, The Inn at Villa Bambou, Karibe Convention Center, and Hotel Royal Oasis (a total of 441 rooms).

The currently classified establishments make up a 51% majority of all hotel rooms in the country. As well as the hotel criteria, hotels must be in good standing with the DGI to be eligible for classification. So far, only 177 hotels out of 525 in the country meet the Ministry of Tourism standards for classification on the hibiscus scale; however, since the program began over a year and a half ago, more than 4,000 rooms in 456 establishments have been classified under it.

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