Dominicans engaging in doublespeak on Deportation, Evans Paul

Dominicans engaging in doublespeak on Deportation, Evans Paul

The Haitian Prime Minister Evans Paul stated that the Dominicans are not forth coming and that they are engaging in doublespeak about Deportation.

While speaking at a press conference at the Royal Oasis Hotel, the Prime Minister Evans Paul has accused Andrés Navarro García, the Minister of Foreign Relations of the Dominican Republic, of double speaking. In one instance Navarro has said that there will not be any mass deportation of Dominicans of foreign descent, everything will be handled humanely, but internally the Dominican authority is speaking otherwise in reverse tone and the available information are suggesting that they have already begun to do this. D.R has decided to deport persons who had not even descended from Haiti. They would be recognized and labeled as Haitian simply by their skin color. The Prime Minister has also said that we will accept every deportee with honor and dignity.

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