Donald Trump and his famous statement about Women

Donald Trump and his famous statement about Women

Do you think Donald Trump has any respect for women?

Donald Trump has become famous for his campaign of insult comedy. He just can¡¯t seem to stop himself from insulting his opponents. Though the real-estate magnate says he generally only attacks people who go after him first, but he never stopped, rather continued his nicknaming during his 2016 campaign, lashed out at rivals, business partners, and the media. To him Mexicans are rapists; all Muslims hate Americans and vowed to build a wall to keep immigrants out of the United States. No person other than Jeb Bush is his biggest target for abuse. He calls him "low energy", "weak", "puppet", "he will NEVER make American great again¡±, and ¡°A total embarrassment to both himself and his family". Some of his other insults include: On Rick Perry, "should be forced to take an IQ test"; On Ben Carson, ¡°has never created a job in his life (well, maybe a nurse)"; On Marco Rubio, "couldn't even respond properly to President Obama's State of the Union Speech without pouring sweat & chugging water"; On Barack Obama, "Is our president insane?"; On Hillary Clinton, ¡°SHE HAS NO STRENGTH OR STAMINA¡±; On George Pataki, "couldn't be elected dog catcher if he ran again"; On Glenn Beck, "always seems to be crying (worse than Boehner) ¡­ a real nut job!"; On Juan Williams, "you never speak well of me & yet when I saw you at Fox you ran over like a child and wanted a picture". Perhaps his biggest insult was to his closest rival Hillary Clinton. Trump once remarked: "If Hillary Clinton can't satisfy her husband, what makes her think she can satisfy America?"

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