Donald Trump wants to Make America Great Again

Donald Trump wants to Make America Great Again

Here is Donald Trump and his popular statement: 'I will Make America Great Again.

Many of the Republican Party¡¯s leaders and elected officials, who fought against Trump during the primary, are still reluctant to endorse him as the party's nominee to contest the United States¡¯ presidential election in November. Trump, now, aligning some of his policy proposals with the mainstream Republican ideas while maintaining his distinctive identity. People have listened his new promise from Richmond on Friday night, June 12, 2016: "Make America Great Again". This slogan was first used by Ronald Reagan during his 1980 presidential campaign when the United States was suffering from a worsening economy, marked by high unemployment and inflation. The word "Again" clearly indicates Trump¡¯s open admission that the superpower of the planet earth is on a decline. To make this slogan one of the important themes of his campaign, and in a bid to popularize the slogan, he was wearing hat bearing the phrase.

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