Eric Jean-Baptiste voting

Eric Jean-Baptiste voting

Here is candidate Eric Jean-Baptiste voting on October 25.

In a carnival like atmosphere, second round of election has been concluded on October 25, 2015, with a higher turnout without any major incidence. The final result of the Sunday election is expected to be published by the end of November. According to the election observers, the voting process was more all less peaceful except few small incidences. Prime Minister Evans Paul has said, with this transparent election, we have improved the image of our country; we have shown that we are capable to elect our representatives democratically. So far, two contenders have come out as the front runners in the race of 54 candidates: Jude Célestin, a Mechanical Engineer from Switzerland running under LAPEH banner against whom the PHTK party, of which President Martelly is the President, had applied number of unfair means to defeat, and Dr.

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