Evans Paul Press Release for creation of electoral commission

Evans Paul Press Release for creation of electoral commission

Here is a copy of the press release issued by Evans Paul for the creation of the electoral commission

On Thursday, December 17, President Martelly ordered to create a special commission to assess the condition of the country's upcoming electoral process scheduled on December 27, 2015. A 'Commission of Electoral Evaluation' has been created under section 136 of the Constitution and the Decree of 17 May 2005. He has named five members of the commission who will evaluate the election process over the next 72 hours and will be accountable to report and make necessary recommendations to the CEP and his government. Prime Minister Evans Paul has released a Press Note in this regard. The election process will be observed by the experts and representatives of the European Union and Organization of American States (OAS). However, the G8 and other opposition parties have said this Commission on Electoral Evaluation does not meet their main demand of a Commission, empowered for independent verification. However, the process of selecting its members and their scopes were not disclosed.

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