Fair Trade Cafe in West Palm Beach

Fair Trade Cafe in West Palm Beach

"Fair Trade Cafe" is an effort of the Lifecoast Church, Florida, to help Haitian coffee growers so that they receive a fair price for what they grow. Earlier, an average coffee farmer in Haiti used to earn a meager $0.65 to $1.00 on per pound of coffee produced in a 12 hour workday. However, with the help of 'Fair Trade Cafe' their daily earnings have grown up by almost 500%, translating that into $3.35 per pound of coffee. Their support to the Haitian coffee industry has helped immensely because Haitian coffee is a wonderful product; it hardly needs any introduction but a proper platform where it can be sold. Coffee has been a principal crop of the Caribbean nation of Haiti since the early 1700s; it was once a flourishing industry, but it has been crippled by decades of deforestation, political chaos and now, climate change--today it barely registers in the world survey. While most business works to increase its own stakeholder's wealth, the Lifecoast Church instead, is working to contribute towards the welfare of the Haitian coffee growers. They work in a cooperative model that works to ensure that a share of every purchase goes back to the island nation so that they can sustain and grow.

The Fair Trade Cafe is run by the volunteers of Lifecoast Church voluntarily as part of their community service without any profit motive. The ambience of the cafe has a great welcoming feeling. They will keep your cup filled with delicious Haitian coffee with other tasty mouth watering beverages and pastries.

A cup of coffee at Fair Trade Cafe is truly a cup of hope for Haitian coffee farmers.

WHAT: Fair Trade Cafe
WHERE: 4882 Palm Coast Parkway NW, Suite 1
HOURS: 7 a.m.-2 p.m. Monday - Friday
CONTACT: 574-377-0591

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