Fantom from Barikad Crew electrocuted during Carnival

Fantom from Barikad Crew electrocuted during Carnival

Here is a picture of the singer Fantom from Barikad Crew as he was electrocuted during the Carnival season in 2015

Sixteen Carnival Deaths motivate Government to Implement Safety Measures

Haiti has a practice whereby someone aboard a parade float is called upon to use an object to move lethal, low-hanging wires away from the passing float. This seems like an ill-advised and potentially hazardous custom, and it is surprising the government has been negligent in this aspect of public safety. But it always takes a tragedy to motivate officials to take action to prevent further deadly incidents.

The government is now formulating a plan to update its state public utility, EDH, and running some power lines beneath the parade route for its next Carnival.

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