Francois Hollande welcome in Haiti

Francois Hollande welcome in Haiti

Here is a picture marking the arrival of Francois Hollande in Haiti

French President Hollande says France owes only a Moral Debt to Haiti

In the more than two hundred years since Haiti achieved its independence from France only two visits have been made by a French head of state. The first was Nicolas Sarkozy, and recently current leader, Francois Hollande, made a stop in Port-au-Prince.

Hollande's purposeful visit was to visit the reconstruction of Haitian University Hospital, demolished during 2010's earthquake. Less than half of the hospital remained standing. France and its funding partner, the U.S., gave a total of $50 million for rebuilding. It is expected to be finished in 2017. Martelly and Hollande acted as co-signatories on several agreements to improve trade between the two countries.

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