Gregory Brandt

Gregory Brandt

Here is a picture of Gregory Brandt, uncle of the infamous Clifford Brandt.

Recently following a meeting with the members of "CORE Group" and Pierre Louis Opont representing the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP), Gregory Brandt (the President at Chambre Franco-Hatienne de Commerce et d'Industrie), has expressed his solidarity with the announced results and support for the debatable electoral process. Brandt has published his support to the election process in a press note on behalf of the 'Economic Forum', an organization of Haitian businessmen. The CEP was called on to the meeting to ensure credible electoral process as Haitian civilians and opposition parties are protesting over the issue of alleged frauds committed in the last two elections on August 9th and October 25th, 2015 and demanding transparency and necessary corrections before the December Presidential runoff between Jovenel Moïse and Jude Celestin.

It is interesting to note that the 'Economic Forum' and the sector which Brandt represents, is empowered to nominate the CEP Presidents likes of Pierre Louis Opont. We might remember that in 2011, Opont was involved in a controversy for changing election results on the orders of then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's chief of staff, Cheryl Mills. Furthermore, it is a known fact that the CORE group and its allies have lost the trust of common Haitians and opposition politicians and such distrust became more clear after the recent elections when violent police force killed and injured demonstrators on the streets -- the CORE group did not comment on this, but had maintained silence.

Gregory Brandt's nephew, Clifford Brandt is presently held in prison for his involvement in a kidnapping ring. He was a top member of a powerful kidnapping syndicate in the Caribbean. Clifford Brandt is a close associate of President Martelly. When he was arrested by the former Lamothe's government, he was in possession of a National Palace badge.

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