Haiti has 4th largest US embassy

Haiti has 4th largest US embassy

Many people want to know what is one of the biggest US Embassy doing in Haiti. Any way, with the construction of the new complex, Haiti now holds the title for housing the fourth biggest US embassy all over the world. For a poor country with very limited resources, this is very interesting.

So why is there such a large US presence in Haiti with such a huge US embassy? I do not think Haiti represents any major danger to the country. I believe the primary reason is that per the geographical location of Haiti, the US can not afford not to pay close attention to it. There is the drug problem, the problem of illegal migration of Haitians to the US. And also more importantly, the need to provide close supervision to the Haitians.

It seems like we can not do it on our own and the American government knows that. Therefore, you end up with two National palaces in one city, the Haitian national Palace and the US embassy .

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