Haitian protesters outraged over lynching of Haitian in

Haitian protesters outraged over lynching of Haitian in

Haitian protesters outraged. The lynching of Haitian man in the Dominican Republic triggered outrage as Haitian conducted a protest of over 10,0000 in the streets of Port-au-Prince

The question of who killed Tulile, a Haitian man living and working in Dominican Republic, was at the forefront of the media when his body was found hanged from a tree in a park. While a reported three persons of interest have been questioned by the police, no arrests have yet been made. The man was employed as a shoeshine man near a hospital in the region of Santiago, and a motive for his killing has not yet been established.

The protest march was staged in the capital of Haiti on Wednesday, February 25, 2015, that, for once, had nothing to directly do with the current Haitian Government. What it had to do with was a slow-brewing issue that has long reached its boiling point with little or no interest from the international press. The march was against what is described as the 'chronic mistreatment' of Haitians who live and work in the Dominican Republic, Haiti's closest neighboring country.

The Haitian protesters met the sometimes harsh and violent treatment of their countrymen in the Dominican Republic with a relatively peaceful march in which Haitian flags, destroyed in parts of the DR of late, were waved by patrons who called for the other country to respect the basic rights of their Haitian occupants as human beings. Still, the benevolence of the earlier march turned when the group reached the consulate of the Dominican Republic, where a protester climbed the roof, took down the DR flag and burned it to the cheers of the crowd.

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