Haitians living in New York City

Haitians living in New York City

The Haitian Diaspora in New York City

Government-backed, PHTK candidate, Jovenel Moise, is being paid out of the Haitian Treasury to travel to New York City (NYC) and Brooklyn. U.S. taxpayers are also paying his way. When Moise touched down at JFK Airport he was greeted by Haitian General Consul Representatives. But Haitian-Americans gave him the cold shoulder.

At Brooklyn's intimate meet-and-greets, Haitian-Americans protested his appearance, saying Moise was ". . . a thief and a fraud for participating in . . . an electoral coup d'etat." Back in Haiti many thousands of demonstrators rail nearly every day about what they perceive as fraudulent election results. Although a mere 6% of voters selected Moise, according to exit polls; the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) claimed he received 33% of the vote, placing him first. The 27% discrepancy is what has Haitians in an uproar. Their calm protestations turned violent when they came into contact with the opposition, who hurled rocks at them. One protestor was gunned down resulting in his death. Another was seriously wounded by a machete gash to his head.

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