Flags of Haiti and Estonia

Flags of Haiti and Estonia

Haitians looking at Estonian E-Governance system

Recently, a team of Haitian delegation headed by Uder Antoine, General Coordinator of the Office of Management and Human Resources (OMRH) has left for Tallinn in Estonia to get an overview of the functioning and management of the Estonian E-Governance system "X-Road" which is the backbone of e-Estonia and to seek required technical advice on its installation process in Haiti. Since 2009, Estonian experts, with the support of the Soros Foundation, have been advising the government of Haiti on the development of an electronic-governance system, or "e-governance". "X-Road" is a rapid information exchange software which is convenient, cost effective, people oriented, real time public services and sharing of information through electronic media. "X-Road" is expected to be functional in Haiti by the end of this year.

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